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Husband and wife Paul and Sophie Burns decided a life on the water would be their dream and in 2019 they started Maverick Boat Adventures at the ocean playground of Seaford bay.

Starting a mostly seasonal venture has been difficult especially with the pandemic and restrictions to operate in the summer but with support from the SEBB grant they have managed to fulfill their targets for the year.

The SEBB grant has helped towards a double floating pontoon allowing Maverick Boat Adventures to position 2 boats full time in the water removing the need to recover them to land for frequent maintenance and expensive storage costs.

The entire process of the grant application was very well put together and easily understandable, cost of the project was £13,531 with 30% received back into the business on commissioning of the pontoons. Working with Steve Piper from SEBB has been very helpful not just with the application but by having a professional body to discuss future plans with the business.

The entire team at SEBB have all been very kind and helpful toward our new venture and we look forward to operating 2 boats full time in 2021.