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Flair School of Dance is a performing arts school which opened in 2002. Over the years they have worked hard to deliver a professional service to the families who come to them for their children’s lessons. At the start of 2019 they were fortunate enough acquire their own premises and expand the provision of classes that they offer on a weekly basis. Having started out with just 2 classes a week they now run well over 100 across a broad range of styles.

Lucy Merrett, School Principal, told us that she heard about the SEBB grant from a friend who had successfully gained a grant for their business and after looking into it realised that it was ideal for what she was hoping to do.

As the business had grown so too had the administrative challenges. The school’s remit to provide excellence in all that they do had become stretched to capacity.

Flair dance school logo

Lucy told us that she became the limiting factor and the school reached an arbitrary maximum in terms of what she could personally handle admin wise.

Without the numbers to give sufficient revenue to put towards administrative support they were caught in a chicken and egg situation. The SEBB grant helped them to commission a bespoke CRM system to automate what Lucy had been doing manually for the past 17 years.

“To say that this is life changing is an understatement, it’s been monumental and is changing the landscape of not only my business but also my home life. As a busy mum of 3, the youngest of whom is just 7 months old, I have escaped the shackles of my database and email lists.

Finally, I can ensure that everything is running as it should, keep close eye on operating standards without drowning in the daily admin tasks. It literally has given Flair the boost it needed to break through the ceiling point of my personal limitations and has lifted the lid on our potential”

Lucy has no doubts about recommending the grant to any business that is looking to grow. She told us that:

“it’s given my children their mum back! …they don’t just have to look at the top of my head while I’m bent over a laptop morning, noon & night any longer!”

Flair Dance School SEBB grant

Her overall experience is one of having been supported all the way through.

“From the initial phone call with Rachael Bennett to the submission and then award notice from Sarah Taplin, to the follow up information from Nicky Riches and their patience in my many phone calls as I filled out my paperwork, to the follow up on my case from Angela Collins, I have felt supported”

Lucy told us that she found the team to be incredibly knowledgeable, with no question being too much trouble. She found what she thought was initially going to be quite a daunting process easy to navigate with this help.

“Ultimately, they and the rest of the SEBB team have all contributed to helping us push our business on and start to reach our potential for which I am very grateful indeed”.

Flair School of Dance