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Hoppily Ltd are an Essex-based monthly subscription service bringing the finest craft beers from local independent brewers to discerning beer-lovers. Over time, as reviews are evaluated, customers receive beers increasingly tailored to their own individual tastes. This is the magic of the Beer Algorithm!

Hoppily applied for SEBB funding to acquire the materials they needed to launch their service at local events. These materials included a gazebo, new product boxes for monthly subscribers and beer mats to help with advertising.

They plan to attend many events going forward so the gazebo will be working hard for the business during 2018 and beyond!

Hoppily Ltd

We illustrated the business case for the grant, filled out some forms and were quickly able to fund the materials we needed to launch our craft beer subscription service at local events.

I wish we’d asked for more money, I think we would have got it!

Mark Fenn
Co-Founder, Hoppily Ltd