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A catalyst for growth

The South East Business Boost 2 provided growth grants and business support for Small and Medium Sized Businesses in East Sussex, Essex, Kent and Medway who would like to grow.

Will you be eligible?

The first steps to South East Business Boost success are to check your eligibility. If it looks like our Grant Growth programme is good fit for your business and project, register now and complete the Eligibility Questionnaire. Our experienced team will then be able to guide you through the next steps – from getting your financial paperwork together, completing your full application to supporting you at the payment stage.

Sorry, but we cannot fund projects around these and other industries or activities:

  • Retail facilities
  • Fishery and aquaculture
  • Primary production
  • Synthetic fibres; textiles and clothing
  • Shipbuilding; coal and steel
  • Processing and marketing of agriculture products
  • Day nurseries
  • Banking and Insurance
  • Generalised school age education

What does it involve?

The process starts by registering your interest. Once this is received by your Local Growth Hub, a business advisor will contact you and provide you with an Eligibility Questionnaire for completion. You can complete this on your own or an advisor can help you with the form if you require assistance. From this document, our experience Programme Management Team can assess the suitability of your business and project for a Growth Grant.

Grant awarded! You will then be invited to complete the final application, to confirm your proposal details, business information and provide quotes. Application Step 3 Purchases made? Send us your payment Claim Step 5 At this stage we want you to detail your grant funded project and how you plan to drive growth in your business. Project Proposal Step 2 After your approval date contact your supplier(s) and get your growth project off the ground. Make purchases/start project Step 4 Once you have registered your interest, one of our experienced programme staff will contact you to collect some business details and complete the form on your behalf. Business Assessment Step 1 ELIGIBILITY ASSESSMENT

Get started?

If you want to get started then fill out the form and one of our experts will be in touch about what happens next.

You might feel this Growth Grant is not right for your business – in which case we recommend talking to our partners at your Local Growth Hub who can help you look at other options.